About Penelope


Penelope Wren is an English girl living in Utah.  She lived in England for thirty-eight years before emigrating to America at the beginning on 1999.  She has lived in several places in England:  Southampton, Fareham, York, Telford and Climping.  In America, Penelope has continued to move around:  California, Arizona, Minnesota and now Utah.  If you ask Penelope where the best place is to live, she would tell you that it is wherever your heart is.  “You can make any place home as long as you feel you can have your own castle and can shut the outside world out at times.”

Penelope has been involved in six children’s lives.  She had two children in England who emigrated with her to the States.  She has four step-children, three of whom are still living.  She adores all her children and her grandchildren.  Penelope is happily married and looking forward to being retired like her husband although it isn’t going to happen anytime soon!

Penelope use to love to write when she was younger but felt stymied when she took her ‘A’ levels in English Literature and Language.  She also began to feel like she didn’t have enough life experiences to write.  After years of keeping a journal, Penelope now feels that she has led a rich life full of experiences which she just has to get down on ‘paper’ and share.

Penelope decided to assume a pseudonym to write.  Her decision was based on the fact that she wanted to write about some sensitive things at work and wanted to make sure that the company that she worked for was not identified.  She actually found that writing under another name is very freeing.  She has written many articles about her childhood so that her grandchildren and great grandchildren can share in her experiences.

Please join Penelope as she writes about her thoughts, experiences and memories at OnceUponAWren.com and RoamingBrit.com.  

(Penelope Wren can be contacted at aPenelopeWren@gmail.com and welcomes any comments).