About Olivia Hayward

Olive Hayward Monogram

Olivia Hayward was born and raised in England.  She attended York University in 1979 to 1982 studying sociology and psychology.  She is married with two grown-up children.  Olivia loves to travel with her husband and takes any opportunity to do this.

Olivia met Penelope Wren during their sociology studies at York;  they became good friends and have remained in touch ever since.

Olivia recently learned that she was a daughter of a narcissistic mother.  She agreed to write a few blogs for Once Upon A Wren regarding her journey as she starts to understand this phenomena and learns how to move forwards.

To protect her family’s privacy and to preserve her tenuous relationship with her mother, Olivia decided to use a pseudonym.  She also preferred to use a monogram in lieu of a photograph on her blog entries.

We welcome Olivia to Once Upon A Wren and look forward to hearing about her journey.