About Luke Martin-Jones


Luke grew up in Fareham England.  He attended Fareham Park Infant School, Fareham Park Junior School and Fareham Park Comprehensive School which later became The Henry Cort Community College.

A59C7120-36AA-4140-B29C-3E0C79EE1DBAI first ‘met’ Luke when he published a post in our Fareham Park Comprehensive School group on Facebook.  He was asking for short-stories or photos about Fareham Park School for a book that he was writing. Through this post, Luke and I became friends. 

img_0042I learned that Luke was a writer and a professional blogger.  Some of the things that Luke writes about include:

  • Events in his childhood that made a lasting impression on him;
  • Growing up gay in a society in which this was not only unacceptable but also a cause of ostracism;
  • His experiences of dealing with bipolar;
  • Being bullied in school and in the workplace; and
  • Challenges of emigration to Spain and becoming acquainted with the Spanish culture.

Luke’s writing shows great bravery,  courage and honesty.  He has a great love for writing and has been writing since he was ten years old.

Luke loves books. In his blog ‘Roaming Brit’, he says:

I loved books The touch and feel, the smell, the words of people, many people, now gone, but the books a reminder of who they once were, a living memory of lives, no longer there. Books telling stories, of bravery, love, anger and pain, books with a past and permanent future that we can always dip in and out from, at will. Taking a little bit of someone we never knew, with us, on our journey through life.

I hope that you will enjoy Luke’s articles published both in Once Upon A Wren and also in Roaming Brit.


Luke can be contacted at lukemartin.jones@gmail.com.