Osmond Mania and What It Taught Me.

‘Top of the Pops’ was always on the television in our house each Thursday evening. My parents really enjoyed it, especially my dad. Early in the 1970’s, the Osmond’s became very popular with the English girls. New reports showed huge crowds of girls screaming and getting hysterical over the Osmond’s when they toured Britain. I never quite understood the hysteria and the need to touch the pop stars, but it was interesting to observe and wonder about.

My Dad would always call us down to watch the Osmonds whenever they were on – whether it was ‘Top of the Pops’ or the ‘Andy Williams Show’. My little sister was very taken with them and received a couple of their books one Christmas. Of course, I wouldn’t say that I liked them and tried to keep my feelings to myself. Mine was more a fascination of how they related to each other and their close family relationships.

So once my sister’s books went into the bookcase, I was able to ‘borrow’ them. One of my favourite things to do when I was a young girl was to read so I was able to read these books fairly quickly. Two things stick out in my mind from these books. First was that Donny Osmond liked to make things. He made a bed that he could raise up to the ceiling when he didn’t want it in the way and then he could bring it down when he needed to sleep in it. I have often thought of that bed and how cool that would have been! I tried to get my head around how he would be allowed to do something so major like that in his bedroom.

The second thing was something they said about their beliefs. They said that they img_0070believed they lived before they came to earth. In this earlier life, they were spirits, children of God. In this life they reached a plateau. When I read this, I really didn’t knew what a plateau was and imagined these spirit people stuck on ledges up a mountain. Yes, I know, such an odd picture. I can quite see why I came up with these pictures in my head because England has lovely green rolling hills and I had never heard of a plateau, mind seeing one. img_0067My experiences in Utah and Arizona have shown me what mountains are like and what Mesas are like. People in America love the outdoors and love to go hiking. Such a contrast from my sheltered suburban life ….

When I saw the word ‘plateau’ in the book, I automatically imagined something physical rather than relating to the word as a verb. I thought people sitting on ledges was such a img_0069weird concept. Although I didn’t fully understand what I had been reading, for some reason, this picture stuck in my head acting like a weird symbol, reminding me of living a pre-earth life. If you read my earlier blog – The Story With A Twist – you may remember that the story my school teacher read to us introduced me to the concept of living before we came to earth and being able to choose whether we accept our lives before we embarked upon them.

This was something that, as a child, I thought about a lot. For my fifteenth birthday, my boyfriend, out of the blue, bought me the Osmond’s cassette – ‘The Plan’. He didn’t know that I was fascinated by the Osmonds because of their family culture and because of these thoughts from the books that I had read. It was a nice surprise as we usually listened to Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.

I have to say that my very favourite song on this album (that was on cassette) was ‘In The Beginning”. I just loved the words (the melody was pretty good too 😉 )

“Before the beginning we were living
Oh, so far away from here
And we called it home but didn’t stay
We knew that we could leave one day and cry
Before the beginning we were willing
To lay aside whom we had been
And take a chance to slip away
Or make it back to home one day, what for
Ever since we came to be
With the plan we’ve learned to see
We alone would guide our destiny
In the beginning we’d be living
As we would be, he once was
To look at him, to look at me
And think some day like him I’ll be, what more
Ever since we came to be
With the plan we learned to see
We control infinity, what more
What more“

Here is the link to the song on YouTube as I can tell you are dying to listen to it 😉 !

‘In The Beginning’ by the Osmonds

I don’t think it was by chance that I heard ‘The Story With A Twist’ and was given this music to listen to. I was being prepared for something greater that was to come into my life and radically change it. More on that on another day …..

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