Luke Martin-Jones

I first ‘met’ Luke when he published a post in our school group on Facebook. He was asking for short-stories or photos about Fareham Park School for a book that he was writing. At first, I was thinking whether I or my mum had any old school photos from junior school. Soon after, I wondered if I could share some events that I could remember at school.

The next day, I reached out to Luke to see what kind of stories he wanted and what kind of style he was looking for. He was very magnanimous with his time and said I could get a feel for what he was looking for on his blog where he had written a few articles on his childhood.





Later in the day, I went on his blog and read a couple of his related articles. My mind kicked into action and I started thinking. (Which is really dangerous!). My penchant for perfectionism swung in and I had to read Luke’s blog from the beginning. It took me a couple of weeks. Luke’s bravery and courage, his honesty and love for writing hit me square in the face. Luke, through his writing, gifted me with the daring to write again.

Luke has encouraged me the past few months to write for his blog, Roaming Brit. As I started to write, I started to think. It has been a very long time since I have really thought. I usually keep myself really busy so I don’t have time to think. Now my thoughts are racing and writing has become therapeutic and a passion. I am so grateful to Luke for this gift.

Since Luke has been so generous in asking me to be a regular guest blogger on his site, I now look forward to featuring his articles here. Please find his first article for Once Upon A Wren before this one.

Welcome Luke! It’s great to have you onboard!

3 thoughts on “Luke Martin-Jones

  1. Wow.. Thank you for you lovely words….I know how much we both enjoy writing. We do have much in common, though live Worlds apart. For both of us, writing is the link we use to project out real selves to a wider audience. You have been an inspiration in many ways, helping me come to terms with issues I thought we’re long forgotten. Good luck with your future endeavours!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words, Luke. Isn’t it ironic that we meet when you are in Spain and I’m in the States; we then find out that my parents live on the same road as your auntie and know her well and also knew your granddad. Yet the two of us, with so much in common, don’t meet until now. Life is full of surprises. So glad to talk now and share our passion for writing!


      1. ‘Life is a funny old game’….I can certainly testify to that. Had my life followed a more traditional path and I had stayed in Fareham, like most of those I went to school with, I doubt very much, I would have written in the same way I do today. Experiences have made me who I am; writer, blogger and author; Writing is the contentment I don’t have in life. It keeps me grounded and alive, for that I am truly grateful. I will be back home on 27th May, at a family gathering in Funtley Hall; I’ll let you know how it goes!

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